Have you been appointed as the trustee of a trust for one of your loved ones?  Do you have questions about your duties as a fiduciary?  Do you know how to value the assets of the trust?  Do you know how to transfer assets into the trust?  Do you know how to distribute trust interests properly?   Do you know the rules about filing a tax return for the trust?

If you have questions about how to administer your trust or the trust you have been appointed to as trustee, or have questions as a beneficiary, the Law Offices of Gayla K. Austin can help.

Modern trust statutes, along with low or nonexistent state income tax, the abolishment of the Rule Against Perpetuities and the passage of asset protection laws, have launched Wyoming to near the top of the list of leading trust situs jurisdictions.

We are here to help you administer your trust.


Trust Services Include:

  • Trust Administration
  • Duties of Trustee
  • Fiduciary Law
  • Asset Protection
    • Self settled trusts
    • Types of distribution interests
    • Family limited partnerships
    • Limited liability companies
    • Charging order provisions
  • Private Family Trust Companies
  • Estate and Gift Taxation
  • Reformation and Decanting Ability
  • Irrevocable and Revocable Trusts
  • Migrating and Settling Trusts
  • Prudent Investor Standard
  • Generation Skipping Transfer Tax
  • Dynasty Trust
  • Trust Investments

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