Have you been working for an employer that didn’t pay you?  Have you been let go from a job and need to file for unemployment but there are complications?  Are there comments and actions at your workplace that you are not sure whether you should ignore them, report them or leave the workplace?  Do you have questions about how you are being compensated?  Do you have a medical issue that you need to be accommodated for but are not sure how to ask your employer about it?  Do you know what your employer’s policies are and which ones apply to you?

If you have questions about your workplace, the Law Offices of Gayla K. Austin can help you determine your rights and help you go forward or move on in your work environment.

Employment law affects both employees and employers. Some services that may be relevant to employees include:

  • Unemployment
  • Wage claims
  • Applications
  • Health benefits
  • Regulation of off work activity
  • Trade secrets
  • Discrimination
  • Employer policies
  • Sexual harassment
  • Medical examinations
  • Hostile work environment

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