Cody Wyoming

Cody is a truly unique town due to its people, location, and the many things to do both inside and outside the city. Because of its proximity to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, it gets a lot of tourist traffic, particularly during the summer. But Cody isn’t just a stopping point on the way to two worldwide tourist destinations. It is a gem worth discovering in and of itself. Aside from its legendary history, fascinating museums (including the acclaimed Buffalo Bill Center of the West), and stunning natural setting, the people of Cody are friendly and welcoming and embody the spirit of the west.

Those who live in Cody can agree that it’s a city with unique opportunities and challenges. A tight-knit community that is perhaps even tighter because of the many people that constantly come in and out, Cody has a culture that draws from many roots. From its foundation by the legendary Buffalo Bill to its rodeo culture that has lasted to this day, the forces that have shaped and continue to shape the city epitomize Wyoming values. As a native of the state, Ms. Austin wants to make sure that all its citizens have access to professional legal services that they may need. Cody is located in a relatively remote area of the state, but Ms. Austin still serves the area via in-person visits, phone, and online video conferencing.

Ms. Austin has an intricate working knowledge of the legal factors at work in employment law. She believes that strong local businesses are an important part of the foundation that supports Cody and its people, especially since so much of Cody’s economic foundation is built on tourism. In addition, she also knows how important strong families are in keeping Cody a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Her expertise in the area of family law can help resolve disputes involving custody and divorce, aid in adoption, and more.

In that same vein, Ms. Austin also practices as a trust lawyer. Creating a trust has repercussions both for you and the people who are named as your beneficiaries, so it’s important to have reliable and competent help when setting yours up. Finally, Ms. Austin also practices real estate law. Whether you’re buying, selling, working with tenants, or just want to protect your assets, Ms. Austin can provide the legal assistance you need to make sure you and your properties are safe.

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